Ubuntu: Install the software manually

July 25th, 2013 | by Steve Carter
Ubuntu: Install the software manually

Did you know ? If Ubuntu gives you the ability to install your software automatically (through your package management interface), it also offers you the opportunity to install them manually. This manual installation is called compilation. Clubic explains here how. The procedure is performed under 10.04 LTS.

Why Build?
Compiler is an almost essential procedure under linux. This method will allow you for example to install software that you do not have the sources, or just give you the guarantee to have software installed by your own standards and perfectly suited to your operating system.

Install software manually
Preamble: Before each build, make sure you have the required packages (called dependencies) to achieve it. Whether the software to install requires special packages, always refer to the installation instructions. For Ubuntu, install the build-essential package via Synaptic or APT protocol to make sure you have most of the tools needed to compile.

Step 1: Get the source code of your software to install. For this example, we will use Lynx, a small internet browser. Grab the sources from the official website, the tar.bz2 format.

Step 2: Open a terminal, and unpack the archive. To do this, type the command tar xjfv nom_archive.tar.bz2.

ubuntu lynx1

Step 3: Then type in the directory you just created by typing in cd / chemin_vers_le_répertoire terminal. The directory name should be added to the path of the terminal.

ubuntu lynx2


Step 4: Start then configure the software to install. To do this, type. / Configure being in the directory as seen in step 3. Potential dependency problems are reported here and the process stops if necessary.


ubuntu lynx3

Step 5: If no error message appeared during the previous step, continue typing make. Compilation and installation of the software starts permanently. The process can be very long, depending on the power of your computer and depending on the size of the software to compile.


ubuntu lynx4


Step 6: Check the operation of the software by typing Lynx in the terminal. It works!

ubuntu lynx5


Now you know manually install software on Ubuntu!


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