5 days ago

    5 free apps to run while having fun

    After making the decision to get into running, the most difficult thing is yet to come: to find the motivation…
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    How to force close apps on the iPhone X

    Faced with the removal of the Home button, how to force the closure of an App on iPhone X? In…
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    iPhone X: master the 12 new gestures that replace the Home button

    With the iPhone X, Apple says goodbye to the Home button. Present since the first version of the 2007 device,…
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    Samsung Galaxy A8: a screen as good as the Galaxy S8?

    Like the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy A8 is equipped with a Super Amoled screen in 18: 9 format. After making…
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    CPU failures: how to check if your antivirus is compatible

    Microsoft has released patches to counter Spectrum and Meltdown attacks, but these require the antivirus installed on the PC to…
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    CES 2018: relieving pain without drugs, Oska Pulse’s bet

    Pocket PEMFT, a new homemade therapy? Nothing new in magnetic wave therapy, which has existed for a long time and…