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Samsung Galaxy A8: a screen as good as the Galaxy S8?

Like the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy A8 is equipped with a Super Amoled screen in 18: 9 format. After making our first measurements, we compared the slab of the A8 to that of the high-end model of the South Korean.
Launched at 499 euros this Friday, January 19, the Samsung Galaxy A8 is the first mid-range device brand to ship an edge-to-edge. Like all Samsung smartphones, the A8 is equipped with a Super Amoled screen. Technology that generally ensures excellent display quality, which has notably benefited the Samsung Galaxy S8. According to our measurements, the A8 is close to excellence in the field.

Curved edges in less

Despite the 18: 9 format of the screen of the A8, Samsung does not communicate on the name Infinity Display, reserved for Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + and Galaxy Note 8. The screen of the A8 differs from these models in three points: it is not curved, its definition is limited to Full HD and it is framed by black edges significantly thicker.

The difference in definition remains to be tempered, as Samsung’s high-end smartphones are set to Full HD by default. We can therefore estimate that many users will never switch their mobile Quad HD. With a size of 5.6 inches, the resolution of the A8 climbs to 441 dpi, against 426 dpi for the S8 (5.8 inches) in its original definition. In both cases, the level of detail is excellent.

Good brightness, a colorimetry perfectible

Like all smartphones equipped with a Super Amoled screen, the Galaxy A8 benefits from an infinite contrast ratio. It is also favored by a very good level of brightness, which can climb to 530 cd / m² in full sun. A figure very close to that of the Galaxy S8 (548 cd / m²), which ensures excellent reading comfort in any environment.

Super Amoled technology often fails to display unrealistic, blue-tinted colors. Delta E Galaxy A8 climbs to 6.32. This is significantly worse than the Galaxy S8 (4.13), which is itself behind the excellent color fidelity of the iPhone X (2.93). But Samsung offers several display modes.

In “cinema” mode, the delta E drops to 3.74, with a much more balanced result. In these conditions, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A8 has nothing to envy to that of the S8.

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