The best free games for iPhone

Looking for a way to get busy during an endless wait at the doctor? We have selected for you the best free games for iPhone that will help you find the least time …
Need to go to the doctor, renew your identity card or simply take public transport? Rather than tossing your thumbs in the subway, or reading magazines from another age in a crowded waiting room, why simply do not use your iPhone to pass the time? We have selected for you the best free games for iPhone that will support you in the endless queues.

These games have, for the most part, adopted the Freemium system. They offer an integrated shopping system that allows you to move faster in the game. But all are playable and allow you to relax without spending a euro.

Stranger Things

Released just before Season 2 of the series is officially unveiled on Netflix, the game Stranger Things invites you to dive in 1984 in the heart of the small town of Hawkins. Pixellated to perfection, the game is a direct tribute to the action-adventure games of the 80s. Thus, you play in turn the various characters in the series, and enjoy the abilities of everyone like Lucas slingshot or even of Nancy’s bat.

In this game, Stranger Things fans can explore the mythical locations of the show such as Hawkins’ Lab, or the Mirkwood Forest. The game will lead you to solve sometimes tough puzzles while you will have to recover on your way a maximum of Eggo waffles that Eleven likes so much.

Streets of Rage

With SEGA Forever, SEGA wanted to update some of its flagship titles released on the console in the early 90s. Streets of Rage Classic, a mythical Beat’em All is one of them and offers you to walk the streets of a city gangrénée by the delinquency to kick the buttocks of the men of hand of Mr. X, the lord of the crime.
This mobile adaptation of Streets of Rage takes all the ingredients of the original game. You can play as one of the three policemen, Adam, Axel or Blaze, and use the weapons that fall on your hands as well as learned combos to hope to clean the streets of a city at the edge of chaos. The universe and atmosphere are there, and it’s a good over 25 years back that you make by launching Streets of Rage Classic.

The trigger of the special ESWAT attack and its famous rocket launcher that allows you to land all your enemies is still there, the game inherits new features completely new. SEGA has indeed integrated the ability to launch a game in multiplayer locally to kick the buttocks of the thuggery team and even allows you to save a game in progress on the cloud.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Give up the stress of the city for the peace of the countryside by taking the reins of a campsite in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. At the head of a green, you must develop and enrich the offer of your campsite to attract more visitors and especially to meet their demands. The animals that stay here have many queries that you must satisfy.
Embark on your camper and go help them find something to eat. Fish, collect fruit and barter with the animals you meet on the way. This will give you all the materials you need to make new equipment, furniture and other facilities that will improve your camping experience.

Your level of friendship with other animals increases. It is then possible that you are asked to make certain objects which, if you succeed, will make these potential visitors want to visit your beautiful campsite. Pay particular attention to the objects you make because they are the ones that define the atmosphere and atmosphere of your campsite.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Fans of football simulations will appreciate being able to create their dream team by appealing to characters from the cult cartoon Olive and Tom. Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team invites you to dive into the world of football manga that rocked a generation to create the best football team possible to compete against players from around the world.

Taking advantage of the special techniques seen in Olive and Tom, such as Dead Leaf Shooting or Tiger Shot, your team can be fully customized, from players’ jerseys to your team’s overall training. Team members express themselves in their original language with the official Japanese voices of the series.

Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle

Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle is not an umpteenth adaptation of an old version of a Sonic game released on console but a new title. Presented as a runner, Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle offers you to face three other opponents in breathtaking races.

Multiplayer, the game requires an Internet connection to work since it offers you simply to face in real time, players from around the world. So you can embody Sonic, but also other characters in the universe like Tails, Knuckles or Amy and must compete for first place on a race track with four lines strewn with pitfalls that you borrow at your convenience. During each race, you must avoid the obstacles that face you, but also, and above all, take advantage of the acceleration bonuses to pass in front of your opponents, and use the different weapons that you harvest en route to slow down the competitors.

In this sense, Sonic Force: Speed ​​Battle is reminiscent of a certain Mario Kart. The winning races allow you to obtain additional bonuses by which you can evolve your character, both in terms of performance, and in terms of attacks.


FIFA Mobile Football

Football fans will appreciate being able to find all the sensations of the FIFA franchise in FIFA Mobile Football, a mobile version of the famous football simulation game perfectly adapted to the screen of their iPhone. After selecting your favorite players to create a dream team, you can play your first game. Fashion your club, advance your players and manage your workforce like a true professional.

All the decisions you make have an influence on the results of the matches. Therefore, tactical adjustments should be made with caution. Choose your players and develop a flawless tactic to play a consistent and responsive team that will surely win the winners. The realistic graphics of FIFA Mobile Football will immerse you in the heart of the action in the field.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

You enjoyed spending time playing solitaire on your PC? Microsoft has finally decided to adapt the famous card game that has paced the computing sessions of a generation on mobile. Rather successful, Microsoft Solitaire Collection offers you to find the five classic solitaire games you’ve known on older versions of Windows.

So you can enjoy the thrilling games of Klondike (Original Solitaire), Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks and Pyramid right on your iPhone. Microsoft Solitaire Collection also offers the opportunity to participate in daily challenges whose victories will allow you to obtain badges.

Finally, by connecting to Xbox Live, you can keep a history of your success, face your friends but also save your progress in the cloud to find your games on all your devices.

Pokemon Go

Hard to escape the madness Pokémon Go who has seized the Hexagon for a few months. If you have missed an episode, the game simply offers to make you, in reality, a real Pokemon hunter. The monsters you must catch are of course virtual, but you have to evolve in the real world to hope to cross them and try to capture them.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game in which you have to move geographically in the real world to hunt small creatures. As you catch Pokémon, your skills evolve, and your level increases, making you an accomplished hunter. The more you advance in the game, the more difficult you will encounter the Pokémon you meet, and you will have to trick a shot at Framby Bay to soften them and attract them to your nets. Once trained, you will only have to fight in arenas that you must conquer to display the color of your team.

Fallout Shelter

While the world’s population is in danger following an atomic disaster, Vault-Tec, a company specializing in nuclear safety, propels you to the head of an underground shelter that continuously hosts refugees from all walks of life. In perfect self-sufficiency, the abilities and skills of each one must be put to use to continue the construction of the shelter, but also and especially to improve it in order to make life underground as comfortable as possible. You are free to place the residents in the various rooms of your shelter to ensure the proper functioning of the power station, the treatment of water, or the preparation of food to meet the needs of each.

Fallout Shelter is full of surprises, as unexpected attacks by looters or invasions of horrible mole rats spice up the adventure by jostling the lack of comfort and independence you’ve just acquired. Help residents develop their skills, make sure they are happy (by having something to eat, starting a family or just caring for them), and send them to the waste land with the right equipment and a little of luck so that they can face the external threats, but especially for them to try to bring back elements of comfort and weapons to protect and to perpetuate the shelter.

In the world of endless runners, Sky Dancer clearly stands out from the competition by its unique gameplay but also by the high quality of its graphics. The game, which offers you to embody a character among five proposed, takes place in a desert and rocky universe in which you have to move on platforms in suspension. The graphics in 3D are sublime and the decor that unfolds before your eyes does not stop plunging you into the void. Your character moves alone, and your mission is to guide him precisely on the platforms suspended in the void on which you must absolutely land. Jumping from one platform to continue on the next takes place at the cost of a long jump to achieve using your two thumbs.

To direct your heroes, you must alternately press on the left or the right of the screen, by measuring the duration of each pressure not to make a jump which you would be fatal. Sky Dancer makes you live a surreal poetic experience animated by a heady soundtrack that fits perfectly with the universe in which you evolve. During your adventures, you collect coins that then allow you to unlock new heroes, or to resume a game where you have failed.



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