The iPhone X does not twist and resists scratches

The design and materials used by the latest Apple smartphone allow it to be rather resistant to aggression. This is shown in the video of a famous youtubeur.

With a starting price of 1159 euros, the iPhone X will certainly be cherished by its owners. But how fragile is it? That’s the question JerryRigEverything is asking. The famous youtuber submits the iconic devices of the electronics market to all tortures imaginable. The American exposed the latest superstar Apple to all kinds of scratches and burns.


He admits himself that the screen and the back of the iPhone X are pretty well equipped to resist the scratches of keys and coins that can drag in the bottom of a pocket or bag. All the part that protects the photo module is even more resistant, because always in sapphire crystal.

Stainless steel rather than aluminum

The entire frame of the device is in turn stainless steel and no longer aluminum as the latest iPhone models. This makes it more resistant to deep scratches and especially much more rigid. iPhone X passes so handily the “bend test” that had been fatal to the iPhone 6.

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