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How to clean and reset his Android smartphone too slow?

How to clean and reset his Android smartphone too slow?
How to clean and reset his Android smartphone too slow?

If they show an astonishing reliability, mobiles are not yet safe from crashes. Here are some simple things you can do to regain control of a blocked smartphone or a bugs bug.

If your phone becomes very slow or some apps refuse to start, try to restart it. To do this, press the power button and activate the Restart command in the on-screen menu.

1. Force reboot

If the power button does not respond, remove the shell of your phone, remove the battery from its slot and put it back in place to reboot the mobile. In case your device is equipped with a fixed battery, simultaneously press the power buttons and the Volume + button. Press and hold for 7 seconds until the device restarts. If this manipulation does not work on your smartphone, type “soft reset the model name of your smartphone” in a search engine to find the one set up by the manufacturer.

2. Reset network settings

If problems occur again after restarting the smartphone, remove the installed applications since the appearance of the bugs. Still no improvements? If you’re having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi or 4G networks, go to the Settings panel, tap Backup and Reset, and then Reset Network Settings.

3. Return to factory configuration

If the malfunctions continue, a return to a healthy configuration is required. In the Backup and Restore Phone Settings pane, tap the Backup My Data tab and verify that this option is enabled. Then copy your personal files to a PC or the Cloud. Once you have taken these precautions, press Restore factory settings and confirm.

In case you no longer have access to the Android settings, turn off the phone and restart it by pressing the + and – volume buttons and then press Start / Stop *. When the boot options are displayed, use the Volume key – to highlight the Recovery command, confirm with the Volume + key and follow the instructions.

* If this key combination does not work, type “hard reset + the name of your phone model” in a search engine to find the one provided by the manufacturer.

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