5 free apps to meditate and relax

5 free apps to meditate and relax
5 free apps to meditate and relax has selected five free meditation and relaxation apps for Android and iPhone.

In the office and at home, it is not uncommon to face episodes of stress that are difficult to channel. In addition to the harmful effects they instantly impute to our mood, these tensions disrupt our daily well-being. To avoid these inconveniences in the long term, it is necessary to refocus and take a step back. has therefore selected five Android and iPhone applications to help you meditate and relax.

Little BamBou

Thanks to its very visual method, Petit BamBou transports you to the state of mindfulness with a lot of pedagogy. Each session begins with a short allegory illustrating the fundamentals of meditation. The discovery program is organized around eight sessions of ten minutes each, guided by a soothing female voice whose rich and positive vocabulary accentuates the desired relaxing effects.

The structure of Petit BamBou is as pleasant to experience as its content. Guided meditations follow one another according to an imposed order, guaranteeing the benefits you derive from them. Set the timer, and enjoy free meditations punctuated with gongs at desired frequency. Reminder management thwarts forgetfulness and other peaks of demotivation. Welcome, the Crisis of Calm option helps you deal with tense situations in less than three minutes.

The +:
+ Solid support in the meditative process
+ Support for free meditations
+ Option Crisis of calm to manage tensions in less than three minutes
+ Reminder creation and access to the statistics of your sessions
+ Ability to download meditations locally to view them offline

The – :
– Subscription required to enjoy a wider variety of guided meditations.

download Little BamBou


Full Consciousness

On a similar model, Full Consciousness details the basic principles of meditation in a practical step-by-step. Guided by a regular female voice, you (re) learn to take possession of each of your senses in the immediacy. Guided or silent meditations complete this quick teaching. You define the duration and decide whether or not to add sound environments that promote relaxation.

Full Consciousness adapts the content of his guided meditations to the time you have. Three minutes is enough to defuse an emergency, while half an hour facilitates the switch to the state of mindfulness. Reminders, personal statistics and thoughts of the day consolidate your investment so that meditation is gradually part of your daily life.

The +:
+ Step-by-step practice to reconnect with meditation
+ Guided and free meditations fully customizable
+ Reminders, statistics and positive thoughts of the day
+ Accessible offline

The – :
– Voice that sometimes lacks conviction
– Subscription required to access more courses and thematic meditations (in English)

download Full Consciousness


10 minutes a day: that’s all you need Namatata. At your own pace and according to your goals, you follow four programs that take up the basics of meditation. The male voice that guides you effectively captures your attention and gradually leads you to the desired state of mindfulness.

In addition to free or quick meditation sessions, you will benefit from lessons adapted to your everyday activities. When you get up, when you walk, when you eat: any harmless situation lends itself readily to the exercise of the right attention. Reminders and progress follow Namatata a quality accompanying, able to bring you back to the moment in all circumstances.

The +:
+ Fundamentals of meditation approached with a lot of pedagogy
+ Incorporates specific meditations for everyday activities
+ Support for very short and silent meditations
+ Reminders and personal statistics
+ Locally downloadable content for offline listening

The – :
– Subscription required to unlock all programs and guided meditations
– No customization possible silent meditations (timer, intermediate gongs)

download Namatata


Mindful Attitude

Mindful Attitude is one of the only applications that offers meditative programs specifically for workers. Before an important appointment, at the coffee break, after a difficult conversation, in front of his computer, alone or in the presence of other people, the sessions presented by the app adapt to all situations encountered in the office. More general meditations focus on the separation between personal and professional life.

In addition to guided meditations and simple relaxation exercises, Mindful Attitude offers practical tips to get you started, enhanced by a discovery program of ten sessions of ten minutes each. A free meditation module frames your silent sessions, and personalized tracking support keeps track of your progress.

The +:
+ Offers meditations and relaxation exercises adapted to all situations encountered at work
+ Support for free and silent meditations
+ Practical guide to get started
+ Personal statistics
+ Locally downloadable content and management of favorites

The – :
– Synthetic voice
– No reminders module
– Silent meditations limited to one hour, without intermediate gong

download Mindful Attitude


Relax Melodies

Less meditation-oriented, Relax Melodies focuses on punctual relaxation with a sound generator that you mix according to your desires. Fire crackling, surf waves, zen songs, white noise, whispers, the application lets you handle the combination and sound level of many recordings until you get the perfect arrangement. The best compositions can be added to favorites and listened to later.

Relax Melodies embarks a useful timer to those who use the application at bedtime. Daily relaxation programs make it easy to fall asleep, provided you understand English. These short meditation sessions can be accompanied by preconfigured sound mixes depending on the mood and state of mind sought.

The +:
+ Flexible and complete sound generator
+ Management of favorite arrangements
+ Timer
+ Works offline

The – :
– A lot of content reserved for the premium version
– Relaxation sessions in English.


download Relax Melodies


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