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15 hidden features to become an iOS 11 expert


iOS 11 brings many new features to the iPhone and iPad. idownald has compiled 15 of them, not necessarily put forward by Apple.

Available since September 19, iOS 11 brings a lot of novelties to the iPhone and disrupts the experience on iPad. If Apple puts particularly emphasis on augmented reality, the new control center or the iPad experience, now closer to a Mac, iOS 11 brings many other novelties. idownald presents you 15 functions to better control the last update of Apple.

Screen recording in video

Claimed for years by users, the ability to record video on its screen is finally available with iOS 11. To activate it :  in the settings of the new control center, it triggers quickly and records, in addition to the sound issued by the device, microphone sound on request.

Screenshots editing

The screenshot becomes smarter with iOS 11. At each capture, iOS offers for ten seconds an edit mode in the lower left corner of the screen. Pencil, highlighter or crop, iOS 11 gives some pretty practical options, especially with Apple Pencil.

“Type to Siri”

Does talking to your phone in public make you feel uncomfortable? With the “Type to Siri” feature available in the iOS “Accessibility” settings, you can now choose to use your keyboard rather than your voice to interact with Siri. It is also possible to make Siri mute when silent mode is enabled.

Photos / videos on the diet

A true revolution, Apple replaces JPEGs with HEIFs and now encodes video in HEVC. In other words: for a similar quality, the photos and videos weigh half as much as before. This new setting, however, is limited to devices with an A10 processor or higher, such as the iPhone 7 and iPad Pro. If for one reason or another, including compatibility, you prefer to use JPEG, disable it in the camera settings tab “Format”.
Share a Wi-Fi network

Invited to spend the evening at home, a friend asks you for your Wi-Fi code. Except that it is spread over 26 characters and is hidden behind your TV. The new iOS allows you to share your password with a simple tap if your friend’s iPhone (also on iOS 11) is close to yours. It’s enough for him to try to connect to your wireless network so that your iPhone receives a notification.

One-handed keyboard on iPhone

Owners of iPhone Plus small hands have something to celebrate with iOS 11: Apple adds a keyboard a hand. Just hold down the globe or emoji button for 3 seconds to have the ability to compress your keyboard right or left.

A keyboard to slide on iPad

In addition to an improved multitasking system, drag and drop or a dock, the iPad adopts a brand new keyboard. Each key offers a second character accessible by holding it and sliding down. What make the touch keyboard much more attractive.

Autofill in applications

iOS 11 improves its password manager built into iCloud. In addition to suggesting IDs and passwords on the web, the Autofill feature now recognizes apps. If you’ve already signed in to, iOS can now automatically sign in to the Facebook app.

Reading QR Code

The “Camera” application of the iPhone and iPad is now able to recognize a QR Code and offers through a notification to open it in Safari. The option can be disabled in the settings.

ICloud Storage Share

With iOS 11, Apple lets you share the 200GB and 1TB iCloud storage options. It is sufficient if a family member adheres to one of these offers and activates the family option so that the space becomes common to all members of a family.

Each AirPod has its function

By tapping twice on an AirPod, you could with iOS 10 pause a song or launch Siri. With iOS 11, Apple adds two new options, available in the Airpods section of the Bluetooth settings: “next song” and “previous song”. The icing on the cake, we can now assign each AirPod a different function. Siri left and next piece right for example.

SOS Mode

Available only in India since last year, the SOS mode extends internationally with iOS 11. It allows users to configure trusted contacts to reach in case of emergency, from the SOS menu of settings. Then, five consecutive presses on the power button allow access to the SOS mode in case of danger, and then decide whether to contact the emergency services or not. Activating this mode also disables Touch ID (or Face ID).

Dark hidden mode

Failing to have a real dark mode in iOS 11,


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