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10 Google Search Tips You should know

In general, think like the search engine and not like you would speak. Google is here to help you, but it’s not your magic mirror. If you ask him “Where can I find a florist?”, He will understand much less well than typing “Florist nearby”. So to optimize your search and go straight to the point, here are our tips:
1. If your query has several associated words, to optimize it, put the search terms into quotation marks. Google will only offer the pages where the selection appears as requested (eg “the summit of Europe”: with or without quotation marks, we go from 382,000 to more than 16 million responses).

2. Avoid unnecessary terms with the sign “-“: you are looking for cake but not chocolate, just type “cake -chocolate” in the search bar to see recipes without chocolate appear.

3. To search for web pages published on a specific date, in a given period (between 2014 and 2016, for example, 1989-1995) or within an established price range (between 500 and 750 euros), put “.. “between values: 2014..2016; € 500 € ..700.

4. You know on which site you want to do your research. To target directly, type “site:” then the site address and the term of the request.

5. You remember the exact title of the article, so by adding “intitle:” followed by the title, your search will be limited to the web pages having the terms.

6. To find a document in a specific format (PDF, Powerpoint, Word document, etc.), type your search term followed by the format “filetype: PDF” (or PPT for a PowerPoint, Doc, etc.) .

7. The title of the song does not come back to you completely? Put a * in place of the missing words and Google will find it. It works if you have lyrics in mind, but not the title or the author.

8. To have the definition of a search word, type “define:” in front of the end of the query.

9. Have your calculations done by Google. Type the formula and you will get the result, as well as the calculator tool of the site. Do not believe that he will solve your equations! If you are looking for an explanation of the Pythagorean Theorem, the Fibonacci Sequel or something else, an explanatory sheet will appear.

10. Search around for a bakery, a restaurant, a specific store … Obviously, you must have authorized the geolocation of your computer or your mobile device. You then add “near” or “around me” to your request.

And for fun, some unexpected search tips

– To get the weather in your city, type “weather” followed by your zip code or city name
– Are you waiting for a package? Enter your number directly in the search bar and you will then follow it (Colissimo, Chronopost, UPS, etc.)
– To have the exact time in any city of the world, type “hour” followed by * city name *

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