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Halloween Special: 10 deadly games on PC, console and mobile


Do you like playing in the dark? Do you like chills and bursts? So our selection of scary games should please you. Here are 10 video games for PC, console and smartphones that will give you cold sweats. Sensitive souls refrain !

Our top 10 scary games are divided into two parts. First you will find titles playable on computer and console. The second part is dedicated to mobile games on Android and iOS. For more immersion, we highly recommend playing in the dark with headphones. Guaranteed thrills!

Note that there are hundreds of scary headlines, and there is no question here of making an exhaustive list. We have selected our favorites, recognized for their quality. Feel free to tell us in the comments the horror video games you find most scary!


5 PC and console games that will fill you with terror


resident evil biohazard


Hard to miss this saga of horror launched for the first time in 1996. 20 years later, the series is still as successful, despite some disappointing episodes. Most games in the franchise take the same principle: overcome the onslaught of zombies and other nightmarish creatures while solving simple puzzles. Each episode of the series will see links be created between the characters become emblematic, highlighting a monstrous government conspiracy.

The latest episode has just brilliantly replenished the survival-horror concept launched by his elders by offering a terrifying first-person adventure. Resident Evil VII has also been adapted into VR for even more extreme horror sensations!





Here is another franchise that has made a name in recent years. Outlast propels you into a first-person game that will put your nerves to the test. Each opus will make you visit a charming place, such as a mental asylum or a city full of religious fanatics followers of the end of the world.

You will only have to defend yourself with a camera and your courage. And you will have to resist the horrors that will cross your path! Created by an independent studio, Outlast is a small nugget that any amateur of scary games must own. Note that the first episode and its DLC are compatible with Mac and GNU / Linux.




dead rising


The zombie hunt has become a classic since the release of Resident Evil. If the saga Dead Rising is less focused on thrills, it is still very pleasant to play with its totally crazy side.

Each episode will put you with hundreds of zombies simultaneously. It’s up to you to survive by completing missions before the fateful date that will see the city be razed by the army. Who said that this horror game did not put pressure?




Metro 2033


Adapted from an excellent novel, Metro 2033 is in a post-apocalyptic future. The population has taken refuge in the metro tunnels to survive the radiation. But in 2033, humans are no longer the dominant predators …

Mutants and other abominations will startle you in this excellent horror game compatible PC / Mac / Linux and consoles. For the latter, it is a version called Metro Redux bringing together two opus Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light.







Being a prisoner of an underwater station is not very pleasant … It becomes even less so when one is pursued by creatures of nightmare! SOMA skilfully mixes sci-fi and horror to the delight of thrill seekers.

Without any weapon, you will have no choice but to hide or run to escape the horrors that haunt the PATHOS station. This game is compatible PC / Mac / Linux, and PS4. An Xbox One version should see the day in a more or less near future.


Android and iOS: 5 games that will make you shudder


knock knock


This game is scary, very scary … Do not rely on 2D graphics, the atmosphere is clearly oppressive. At the controls of the guardian of the place, you will have to remain awake until the day avoiding the strange appearances which haunt your lodging.

Focusing on the psychological terror and old nightmares of children, Knock-Knock is a mobile game to try urgently, in the dark … with headphones … alone … very lonely …




mental hospital


As its name suggests, Mental Hospital will give you the opportunity to visit a great classic of horror: a psychiatric asylum. Equipped with a simple camera with night vision, you will walk the corridors of the dark building trying to escape from unwelcoming occupants.

Very close to the horror game Outlast PC, Mental Hospital is a scary game that will put your nerves to the test!




reveal the deep


After SOMA, we return under water with this small independent game centered on the atmosphere. Squeaks, creaks, moans … What happened in this boat? It’s up to you to discover it as you explore.

Reveal The Deep focuses on the atmosphere with a very slow pace. His style Pixel Art does not prevent it from being very immersive and will make you shudder to the end of the hair.



dim light


If you are afraid of the dark, go your way! Dim Light is a scary game that leaves you alone with a flashlight in the middle of an asylum plunged into darkness.

Your only option: find the exit as soon as possible. But be careful not to alert other patients and creatures that roam around …




into the dead 2


Into The Dead is back on our smartphones. The frantic race in the middle of zombies resumes with this time a more advanced scenario. Companions will even come to help you out in one piece of the nightmare nightmare.

Always based on a Free To Play model, this survival horror game offers beautiful graphics. A horrifying title ideal for a party on the go in the late evening.


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