Apple fires an engineer over daughter’s iPhone X video


One of the engineers who worked on the iPhone X for Apple has just been fired because of his daughter. She had filmed the prototype of his father before streaming the video on Youtube.

Although it was quickly removed at the request of Apple, the video, quickly turned viral, has been seen more than a million times.

We are never betrayed only by his

The industry does not like the breaking of an embargo. This is the expression for the secret that always surrounds a product before its official release. It is precisely for breaking the confidentiality guidelines that one of the engineers who designed the iPhone X has just been dryly thanked.

Former Broadcom, Ken Bauer was hired by Apple 4 years ago. It was during a luncheon with his daughter Brooke that his destiny changed. Ken Bauer invites him to have lunch with him on the Cupertino campus. Confident, he lets her manipulate for a few minutes a prototype of the iPhone X. But, no doubt attracted by the notoriety that would give him the revelation of images coveted by the world, Brooke films the camera.

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